Sunday, 1 January 2012

Artist Spotlight: The Cat Empire

Well its a new week and a new year, so  its about time for our first Artist Spotlight. Choosing The Cat Empire for our first spotlight was an easy decision because they are by far my favourite Aussie band. I know thats a bit of a bold statement, especially when there are more "successful" Australian bands like ACDC but there's something about the empire's music that evokes positivity and connects people from all different walks of life.

I'll admit some of their music isn't for everyone and may even turn you off the band forever. But I guarantee if you search through all their music there'll be some song you will fall in love with or at least dance along to. Whatever you do, never judge the band on just one song because they really are full of surprises and produce many different sounds. Its impossible to narrow the band down to one genre but if I really had to, I'd describe their sound as a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Ska, Latin with international influences such as French and Spanish lyrics. This odd mix of sounds comes from the Cat Empire's unique ensemble of musician's. The core members are Harry James Angus(trumpet and vocals), Will Hull-Brown (drums), Jamshid "Jumps" Khadiwhala (decks, percussion), Ollie McGil(keyboard and backing vocals), Ryan Monro(bass and backing vocals) and Felix Reibl(percussion and vocals).They are often supplemented by The Empire Horns (a brass duo) and have other great recurring guest musicians. Another odd thing I've discovered about The Cat Empire is that their music always so much better live, so I recommend listening live copies of their music or better yet, if you get the chance go see them live. The band tours internationally and tour dates can be found at their website at

The song I've chosen to introduce you to The Cat Empire's music is perhaps not their best song but it truly does capture the Aussie spirit and is all about just chilling out and enjoying life.


BragonDorn said...

Meh.. not really my thing but nice post.

GamingNerd said...

Awesome, keep it up!

J said...

Not the best, but it's okay...

GamingNerd said...

Never heard of them, now glad I did!

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